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Prime advantages

Modular structure and scalability

The PRIME system has a modular design that allows us to configure the system that at most suits each user facing a challenge. The modules to be hooked up include the Petrophysics module, production logging, cement bond logging, multi-well analysis module. Depending on the requirements of a client, the PRIME system can be used both on a stand-alone PC and from the local network, while the number of local network users may go up to dozens and even hundreds. PRIME users of the local network version have access to the server and the local PC database.

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Openness and Functionality

The PRIME system's API (Application Program Interface) enables external companies to develop their program modules based on the PRIME platform. The PRIME platform itself has an integrated programming language that users can use to create various scripts from simple ones when this or that petrophysical parameter is calculated based on an equation to complicated ones when a set of equations is solved, and uncertainty analysis of parameters is carried out at each stage of calculations. Besides, PRIME has a workflow editor that a user can use to set which sequence this or that PRIME function and its scripts should follow. Both scripts and workflows may be transferred and started on the PCs of the other PRIME users.

Technical support

GeoTEC is proud of its technical support team. Our specialists provide qualified assistance in all aspects of the software operation and the subject matter.

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