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Petrophysics and production logging within one system

PRIME implements interpretation of open-hole survey data, production logging, and cement-bond logging. Input data and survey interpretation results are stored in a single database. Control over users’ access rights enables us to protect information from accidental modifications and at the same time set up a necessary package of rights for users of well survey data and results of their interpretation. Geologists, geophysicists, group of specialists responsible for monitoring and production of oil fields can promptly find and access information on a well and its surveys using PRIME.

More details about Prime products

Input and output data quality control

Input data control modules of the PRIME system can be used to perform analysis for completeness and the occurrence of critical errors of LAS files and covering documents coming from the field. The data that should be stored in a catalog structure can be analyzed to comply with the structure. The multi-well modules of the PRIME system can be used to perform agreement analysis of the interpretation results that is significantly less time-consuming when the data should be further used in the geological modeling and flow simulation packages.

End-to-end data exchange technologies

To optimize the process of log data transfer from the field engineer to the well log analyst, a service company engaged in the survey, and then to the oil producing company, the PRIME system is equipped with a technology that can make the process automated. As the data is transferred from one stage to another, it is automatically saved in the database of the intermediate user, e.g., the service company, and then in the database of the oil company as the end-user. This technology helps you save time on data handling while keeping the data in order.