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Prime Data Base

The PRIME data base is a tool for storage and processing of well geoscience survey data. It allows to make the process of information accumulation in the company systematic and promptly access the logging summary charts, well survey data and associated files (doc, xls, jpeg etc.) for all the well stock in the data base. The tools to fill in and maintain the data base are the PRIME system modules that makes purchasing of a third party software unnecessary.


Main capabilities
PRIME data-base navigator
A user performs handling of data from the data-base by means of the PRIME data-base navigator. It offers the following capabilities: review and editing of prepared well summary charts (layouts); search and sorting of data; mass creation of summary charts based on preliminary prepared templates etc. A possibility of simultaneous handling of one and several summary charts is available. Thus, summary charts for the same well for various dates or neighboring wells with a depth correlation can be viewed at the same time without having to build correlation patterns.
Access to supplementary files
Except for access to information contained in well projects (WS-files with summary charts created in PRIME) a user gets a prompt and convenient access to supplementary survey information that is information stored in Word, Excel, JPG, TXT and other files. The files can be opened right from the data-base navigator window.
Standardization of accumulated information
The tools to keep the data base in order and follow a company’s standards are able to perform massive re-naming and deleting of summary charts, unification of the data-base items’ names, re-naming and deleting curves, formation panels and tables contained in WS-files.
Handling of several date-base
The system is able to have and support several data-bases each of which may have its own structure. Thus, for example, you may store production logging data and petrophysics data in different data-bases having a different structure.
Multi-well analysis of data
The data-base may be provided both separately and including the multi-well analysis and data processing modules. The multi-well analysis modules can be used, for example, to obtain field statistics data, assess input and resulting data quality using cross-plots and histograms etc.