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Module for processing high-frequency induction log isoparametric sounding data (VIKIZ)

The VIKIZ method is designed to survey spatial distribution of true resistivity of rocks penetrated by wells drilled for oil and gas production. The processing of data is fully carried out in the VIKIZ software system. When the processing is finished in the VIKIZ system the processing results are automatically entered in the PRIME summary chart as curves. The module settings are stored in a separate file.

Using the VIKIZ method should help to address the following well survey issues:

sectional layering including thin-bed one with high spatial resolution;

assessment of water-oil and gas-water contacts location;

defining true resistivity of the uninvaded formation, zones contaminated by the mud filtrate assessing depth of displacement of formation fluids;

selecting and assessment of radial inhomogeneity parameters in the penetration zone including accumulation of formation brine (“resistivity” annulus) as a direct qualitative indicator of presence of movable hydrocarbons in the reservoirs.

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