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Prime Multi-well analysis package

The PRIME multi-well modules are designed to analyze, calculate and edit well geoscience survey data for a user selected block of wells (e.g. of a field or its block). This package of modules allows you to build correlation patterns and geologic profiles, assess the quality of input data and the processing results, perform analysis of a block of wells using cross-plot and histogram construction module etc.


Main capabilities
Mass construction and modification of summary charts (layouts)
Construction of summary charts for a set of wells in the PRIME navigator against a template specified by the user. If earlier created summary charts need to be modified (add or delete any data on a summary chart, alter visualization of summary chart items) operations of mass modification of existing summary charts are available for this purpose.
Correlation patterns
Creation of correlation patterns for a user specified set of wells. The wells are selected from the tree of wells in the PRIME navigator or from a well map. The system offers ready-made templates for your convenience and construction of correlation patterns is also made possible based on the summary chart of a user specified well. Correlation patterns can be stored in the PRIME system, in graphic files or printed out.
Cross-plots, histograms and matrix plots
Construction of parameter distribution, correlation curves for two parameters and correlation curves for two parameters in relation to a third parameter in the multi-well mode. The modules can be used to assess the quality of input data and the processing results, construct correlations and define their coefficients, normalize and classify data, and solve other problems arising in the process of interpretation. Handling of core data and thus, construction of core-core and core-log data correlations are made possible.
Analysis of data consistency
Statistical parameters obtained from curves using statistics and stacking algorithms. Consistency check of boundaries and codes for panels displaying stratigraphy, reservoir, saturation, lithology in the multi-well mode.
Calculations based on user scripts
Implementation of user or pre-written algorithms prepared using the internal script programming language of PRIME to make calculations in the multi-well mode.