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Prime open hole package

This module package is created to process open-hole survey data: resistivity, spontaneous potential log, gamma-ray log, neutron gamma log, compensated neutron log, lateral log, induction log. The data are processed following a classical approach based on using cross-plots simulating geotechnical conditions of rock in place and rock drilling. The processing result in definition of reservoir properties, lithological dissection, 3D modeling, singling-out of formations and reservoirs, calculation of oil saturation factor, assessment of fluid content etc.


Main capabilities
Definition of reservoir properties
Definition of hydrogen content based on neutron gamma log, one- and two-probe compensated neutron log curves. Definition of clayiness index and effective porosity based on nuclear logging and sonic log data.
Definition of oil saturation factor and assessment of fluid content
Calculation of continuous and depth interval curves of oil saturation factor and oil-filled porosity as well as resistivity index based on various models:
  • Dakhnov-Archie model;
  • Zverev model for laminated clay volume;
  • Schlumberger-Doll model for dispersed clays;
  • Komarov model for low clay content (up to 15%) sediments with the dispersed type of clay;
  • Simandou model for low clay content sediments with the dispersed type of clay.
Survey data corrections for tool accuracy and borehole conditions
Corrections of nuclear log data for the tool accuracy, borehole and the tool position in a borehole, induction log curve correction for borehole conditions, skin effect and enclosing rocks, lateral log correction for borehole conditions and enclosing rocks, spontaneous potential log curve correction for borehole conditions, formation thickness, formation resistivity, invasion zone and enclosing rocks
Plotting of parameter distributions, two parameters correlation curves, correlation curves of two parameters in relation to a third parameter. The module can be used to assess the quality of input data and the results of their processing, construct correlations and define their coefficients, classify data, and solve other problems arising in the process of interpretation. Handling of core data and thus, construction of core-core and core-log data correlations are made possible.
Normalization of well survey data
Normalization of data from one method against the data of another based on user selected transformation formula.
Handling core data
Algorithms of depth vs core data correlation are implemented in the program, the statistics, core recovery etc. are made available. Core parameters are visualized in the summary chart as depth interval curves.
Digitizing of correction charts
The module allows you to digitize simple and complex correction charts to be used then for processing of wireline logging data.
New version of the open-hole interval processing programs on 05.08.2014
Calculation of Gamma-ray index, clayiness index, key horizon neutron log porosity - the three open-hole programs that can now work in the interval mode. Intervals may be assigned both manually and taken automatically from the stratigraphy panel. Various key horizons and processing parameters can be set in each interval.
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