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Prime package for cement bond log data processing

The package is designed to process cement bond log data and asses technical condition of oil and gas well production casings.


Main capabilities
Processing of cement-bond gamma-ray log data
The module is designed to deal with the following tools: SGDT (Downhole GR-density fault detector)-100(8-4), SGDT-100(8-1), SGDT-М, SGDT-SV, SGDT-Т, SGDT-NV, SGDT-SK, SGDT-3, ЦМ-3-4, ЦМ-4, ЦМ-8-10, ЦМ-8-12, ЦМ-8-16. The results of the module processing are:
  • Dissection (color matrix) of annular space cement stone density distribution;
  • Dissection of casing wall thickness;
  • Integral density and thickness indexes;
  • Eccentricity of casing;
  • Selective density values;
  • Selective minimal density values.

These data allow you to assess the quality of cement bond and distinguish local defects in the cement stone and casing defining their position in relation to the apsidal plane at a given depth.

Processing of multi-detector neutron log data
The module is designed to assess porosity of rocks and volumetric hydrogen content of a cased hole annulus media in a survey interval based on the data from AMK-2000 and VARTA hardware-methodical complexes. The following curves result from processing of multi-detector neutron log module data:
  • Volumetric water content of the annulus media;
  • Porosity of rocks.
Processing of cement-bond sonic log data
The input data is a file with wave patterns registered by a tree-element sonde (МАК-2, МАК-4, МАК-9 tools). The output data are two annulus cement bond quality index curves characterizing condition of backfill material contact with the casing string and rock. In order to visually assess the bond condition, curves are displayed as colored columns in the summary chart by the following gradations:
  • solid contact;
  • partial contact;
  • indefinite contact;
  • no contact.

The dynamic and cinematic parameters of the cement bond tool are calculated as well:

  • Time of second arrival registered by the small and big sonde (T1k, T2k);
  • Peak values (logarithmic decrements of damping) registered by the small and big sonde (d1k, d2k);
  • Interval time (dT);
  • Acoustic signal attenuation coefficient.

Module of complex data processing 

The module is designed to classify annulus defects and numeric assessment of their scale. Defects are classified based on results of data interpretation of downhole tools: SGDT -100, MNK (multi-detector neutron log) and МАК-9 (acoustic log module) or SGDT -М and МАК-2 and represented as a color palette in the summary chart. Besides, the processing results in a text conclusion created automatically.