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Prime platform

PRIME platform is a base version of the PRIME software package to handle well logging data. The PRIME platform enables well logging data registered along a borehole to be imported to a well log summary chart with depth correlation and, if necessary, be recalculated using filters or other math operations, and then be printed into an image file (tiff, png, pdf etc.) or printed out.

The software is designed to handle both continuous depth data (e.g. log curves) and depth interval data (tables of core samples, saturation, lithology, stratigraphy etc.).


Basic capabilities
Import/export of data
PRIME enables well survey data including directional survey data to be imported from various file formats:: LAS, LIS, LBS, ИНГИС, АРМГ, LOG, ZAK, RGI, GIS, PLN, LST, CRV, ИНГЕФ etc. Files can be imported by the piece or in groups. PRIME has an adjustment block to control the quality of the imported data by uncovering and eliminating data errors. If necessary, the structure of the data to be imported can be modified in the import process so that the user could build a standard system of data storage and handling.
Visualization and printing
Visual display of the reference grids and rules for well survey curves and for the curves themselves as well as coloring between them, special coloring (patterns) of lithology display, saturation etc. are user definable. The header and base panels of a summary chart are user defined on the erector set principle –test and graphic blocks are placed in the working panel that are then filled with well data. The summary charts may be printed out or saved into an image file like BMP, EMF, WMF, SGM, TIFF, PDF etc.
Summary chart (Layout) templates
Once a log summary chart for a certain set of well survey data was created in PRIME the user can save the chart as a template. No extra time will be needed then to adjust visual data for similar surveys as earlier saved templates are enough and all the data will fit in the right place of the summary chart. Not only display of well survey curves, stratigraphies, lithologies etc. can be saved in a template but also references for automatic filling of applications, e.g. a well log header. In the latter case the software itself will find the required information in the summary chart data (or in WS files) and display it in the well log header.
Depth matching
Depth matching can be performed both manually when the user defines how a curve or a group of curves should be moved and compressed/stretched, and automatically. In the latter case correlation is performed automatically using collar locator curves.
Menu set-up
Sets of functions available in the PRIME main menu and the menu of a layout are user defined while the user himself defines where on the menu panel this or that button should be and create combinations of hot keys.
Storage of survey data and associated files

All data imported and generated as a result of processing in PRIME are automatically stored in its internal working space – WS files. The file format was developed by GeoTEC specially for handling geophysical data. One WS file may include several summary charts each of which will display user defined part of imported/generated as a result of processing data. For example one WS file may include summary charts with standard logging, radiation logging, electrometry and other surveys as well as other survey associated files.

Internal programming language (user programs)
The user program is an internal system language which can be used to write programs of deferent degrees of complexity. On the one hand users who are not programmers can write programs using the integrated language ensured by a wide variety of in-built functions and capabilities. On the other hand a program designed by a professional using the integrated language may be easily passed to any user and exploited to solve his/her tasks.