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Gamma-ray spectral log data processing module

The module of gamma-ray spectral log is designed to solve problems of defining rock lithotypes in various facies, quantitative assessment of rock clay content, type and content of clay minerals, potassium feldspars and organogenic carbon using gamma-ray spectral log.

Depending on the petrophysical model components selected the interpretation results in the following output parameters:

  • General clay content, v/v;
  • Feldspar content, v/v;
  • Chlorite content, v/v;
  • Kaolinite content, v/v;
  • Montmorillonite content, v/v;
  • Hydromica content, v/v;
  • Content of organic materials, like bitumoids or kerogen, v/v;
  • Clay water content, v/v;
  • Clay interval time, usec/m;
  • Density of clays , gr/cm3;
  • Capture cross-section of clays, (cu).

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